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Story :: tales of Cynthia season 1 episode 1

Cynthia seriously I love you, but you can’t
understand, even
Though you forced me to talk, but believe
said by me
Cynthia: Okay, but can you swear that I’m
only one you have.
Me: I swear to God who made me, my ex
f—-d up, she cheated on me and since then,
I’m on my own,
Cynthia: hummm, well I’ve heard you, no p,
don’t break my heart, I can’t break your
and don’t break mine.
Me: (sighs) I can’t sister, trust me,
can I ask you a question?
Cynthia: go ahead, (she gasped)
Me: hope you don’t have any one you are
dating, if you have, tell me….(i looked
elsewhere cus i was shy to look at her
Cynthia: hum, bro Daniel, I am single, even
though many guys are disturbing me, but I
love you.
Me: call me Daniel, I’m not bro……..i moved
closer to her, I held her shoulder, looked
her eyes, in short our mouth was locked up,
kissing each other, we were inside their
during this period, after some minute, she
escorted me.
My dad is a traveler, he comes home
I love Cynthia with all my heart, I met this
when I graduated from secondary school,
was in ss3 then, and she is the first child of
her family, she had a sister and a brother
well, her mum had a super market at the
market then, so this gave me access to be
seeing her every time her mum left to shop.
After leaving secondary school then, I only
stayed at home to assist my sisters’ cus i
the last child of my family and I don’t think
finding job cus of Cynthia
Cynthia graduated from secondary school,
friends were working then, but cus of this
I didn’t work, though I was battling with my
level exam then.
On a fateful day, Cynthia came to my place
with her friend, and this day I had nothing
with me, I’ve been thinking of what to do,
were discussing
Me: sister if your friend don’t want to
introduce herself I will, I’m Daniel by name,
I’m Cynthia boy friend, I love her so much
They look themselves before the girl reply
(well that’s none of my biz anyway)
Janet: I’m Janet but you can call me Jane,
We shook hands,
Me: so what can I offer you?
Janet: anything you want to offer me
Chai, I taught the girl would said she’s okay
but she said anything chai, I went out of
house, thinking of what to do, when Cynthia
followed me out as well,
Cynthia: when you know you had nothing on
you, why did you ask her?
Me; how do you know; ‘’I was surprised, she
gave me money, and I entertained her
This makes me love her the more, this time
Cynthia was attending jamb lesson then,
I’ve been suspecting one guy on her phone,
but she said the guy is just her friend, since
trust her, I believed her.
I’ve done all what all my mom instructed
to do just to see Cynthia , but I thought of
calling her before I left house that day
Me: hello dear, how are you?
Cynthia: fine
Me: where are you? I’m on my way to your
Cynthia: am at shop o, maybe we will see
later, or I will call you when I’m done with
Me: okay
I ended the call, then I decided to stroll out,
and to see her face, I went to her shop, but
didn’t see this girl, but I saw her mum and
her younger sis, I asked her sis, she said
at home with her brother, I thought maybe
didn’t want her brother to see me, but I
decided to surprised her by visiting her, i
the gate open, I don’t even bother to knock,
just open the door, but I was surprised to
see………………………………………… to be continued

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