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Next Day At Office


I was alone at the office thinking about the drama that happened between I and Temi, I could not act back because it’s so obvious the child is mine and she was actually beautiful and fun to be with, at that moment I feel like cuddling her (blood is thicker than water) .

So at that moment I decided to put an end to all my bad ways and settle down with my baby mama , so I made a call to her

Me: Hello temi

Temi:hello love

Me: I’d love it if we could meet my mom this weekend

with my mom

When we got to my mom’s place Temi knelt down and greeted her wella , Kate on the other hand is very lovely and fun to with because before what was happening she was already playing with my mom like they’ve known each other for ages but something happened that spoilt the good time we were having…,

someone dashes inside

Kemi: Haaa oko mi (my husband) you are back, your son has even missed you oya solo (Solomon) go and greet your daddy…

Temi eye’s and I became four leaving me speechless….

To Be Continued

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