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Susan: Mr john nu why are you now looking like someone who has not seen a girl naked before

Me: No be dat just surprised at the size of your boobs

Susan: Thanks o

Me: Are you sure they are real

Susan: Confirm it yourself if you don’t believe me

Meattempts to touch it

That was how her mom called for her, an hatred for her mom developed immediately because she stoped me from tasting they honeypot between her daughter’s leg……

temi’s place

Temi: Welcome john

Me: Wow what a nice place….

a cute little girl ran towards me to greet me

Susan: Wow blood is thicker than water o, it’s been 5years and still the bond between us still shows…

I was actually happy to see the girl she is cute and beautiful , am happy to call her my child so later on I asked about her hubby and she told no man has actually been able to admit to marry her and as well ready to take care of Kate…

Me: So you named her Kate

Susan: That’s what you planned to name your first female child…

The child later slept off on my laps and she took her inside, when she came back to where I was sitted she planted a kiss on my lips whispering I miss that devil of yours, on hearing this I lost my sense of humour, the next thing I realized was that we were both unclad , it was my mom’s call that brought me back to life…

Mummy: Haba john, why have you stoped picking my calls

Me: Nothing mama I have been busy with work ma

Mummy: Alright my child the lord is your strength and hope you have not forgotten what I have been telling you since about bringing a wife home.

Me: Mama don’t worry I’ll soon bring a wife home as soon…. 

temi snatchs the phone from me

Temi: Evening mama it’s me your son’s fiancee and am happy to tell you that you already have a grand child….

To Be Continued

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