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The Nigerian finest talented rising star, an Artiste,  a song writer, singer and a rapper by name Jenora Emmanuel and her stay name JENORA, indeed She’s a gifted singer who puts words, powerful message and emotions in music.

               Wake me Up was Inspired by a True moment of love hoping and loving for the best, One of her Greatest line was “If love is alive, Better still Please wake me Up” the lyrics flows in every hearts and minds, here’s few more about Jenora Below.

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VIBEHILLS NATION RECORD, Drops the longs awaiting anticipating hit track and single titled WAKE ME UP – Track was Produced by Wismike.


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” :::::::::: WAKE ME UP ::::::::: “
    Uhhhhhhhhh uhh uhh yeh
       (Jenora) yeh ehhhhh   
     I told myself if i could     
       ever could ever love
     Fighting  my emotions  
            since I met you
     If only you could listen to   
            my heartbeats
     Baby I don’t  ever ever   
            wanna loose you
       Wake me up if I’m     
       I hate it when i see you
           when you’re leaving           
       Hold me yes_hold me 
       Don’t ever wanna see
                 You go
       I’m here to stay_I’m here              
                to stay  huh
       Nothing has changed
            this feelings stays
      If this is war_i’m here to    
                fight huh
      No contemplating    
             thinkin’ twice.
                      (R I)        
      You know its crazy that         
               I’m down for you
      I love you baby_i won’t lie
                    to you
      So many fights nd lonely      
      But baby yes i’m stil
                high for you
      No longer lookin’ at other
      Knowin’ this while I’m
          lovin’ the chemistry
     This kind of love I’m ready       
                  to build
    You can’t deny the love is  
     I kept on pullin’ myself    
         didn’t wanna be real
     Damn! I was havin’ this  
         Feelings inside t’was 
          killin’ Me slowly
          (Killin’ me slowly)

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