Life is not balanced

what is it about life that makes it look unfair. Nothing seems palatable and comfortable. I’m supposed to be celebrating but nothing to make it happen. Had a very lonely day at work today, very awful and to cap it all boss paid the other workers except me. I got home dejected and sad because I didn’t even have enough dough on me.
Come to think of it, my kids (wonderful gifts from Baba GOD) were there for me. They brought out joy and love from me the way they welcome me on arrival from work. They really made my day and I’m indeed very grateful. How I wish I could make them happy by declaring surplus choplation.
Another thing that made my day was giving my Assurance a good bath in the morning. See those nice curves and beautiful body……… C’mon!  Earlier in the day, I tried calling my Assurance so we can talk and at least I release myself from the loneliness and boredom at work but inadequate airtime wouldn’t allow that, thereby compounding the issues. She even made matters worse by finding my fault and hitting me hard on the wrong side. I just pleaded with her to stop bcos I know she doesn’t know what was up with me then. Only if we can tolerate and accommodate our differences, things will work out better.
The Holy Bible says “in all things give thanks…. ” if not for anything, I’m very grateful for the gift of life. Thank you very much oh my GOD, more of you, less of me. I think with this ,hope rises that it is well with my soul. There’s a brighter and better times ahead, glory to GOD. Let me continue to steer the wheel of progress, life is not balanced.

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