BREAKING :: Fulani Herdsmen Ready To Take Over Nigeria And Even The Govt Can’t Stop Them (A Letter To Bishop Oyedepo)


Bloodshed and killing has become rampant in Benue and the question arises why this killing?


The Fulani National Movement stated that the killings in Benue State is well deserved.

The Fulani are on a revenge mission in Benue because in 1804,it was the Benue people that stopped the Fulani from over running the country.

This is contained in a release by the Fulani National Movement as a reply to Bishop Oyedepo Of The Living Faith Church..

The release stated that God has given the land, Nigeria to them and they have right to move and live anywhere.

They have invited all the Fulani(s) from West Africa to come to Nigeria with arms and penetrate from any part of the country for the next Islamic Holy War (Jihad), Also stating that The only thing that can stop the crisis is for the cattle colony to be established in every part of the country and concluded that Even Government they stated boldly “CAN NOT STOP THEM”

The Bishop made this known to his congregation while calling for prayers to stop the uprising.


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